May 3, 2016


We offer several different boating services, with different rates based on the length of the vessel. Find out below which boating tour is right for you!

Captain Services  
All Trips booked at 3 hours.  
Each additional hour is $50  
Up to 25ft $175 
26-32 ft $250 
33-42 $300 
43 and above $350 
Pontoon/Ski boat rental from Sams Dock any hour length $200 

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For our instructional trips, we offer a comprehensive boat training program. Once you’ve attended a USCG Auxiliary or US Power Squadron safe boating course, we offer the Hands On/Practical to ensure you have the skills to safely operate your vessel in any situation.

Instructional Trips – BOAT 101  
Full program includes 3-5 total trips and covers:  
Boat Inspections (what I need to leave the dock)  
Boat Ramp 101/Docking 101   
Rules of the Road $1,000 
If you only want to have one trip, we can book that too. $250 

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If you have a boat that’s being moved from one lake to another, we can assist the boat transportation company in ensuring your boat is loaded and unloaded safely.

Big Boat Trailering  
To put a customers boat on/off a trailer for boat transportation companies   
Load $250 
Unload and Dock $250 
Load and Unload/Dock $100 discount! $400 

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Total Boat Management

Having a Full Time Captain on your boat has several benefits. In addition to operating the boat, Captains also ensure the boat stays fueled, pumped out, water tank filled and much more. All this comes at a significant cost. We are pleased to announce our Total Boat Management program, offering you the benefits of a Full Time Captain without the cost.