See Clearly

I receive plenty of ribbing from my family and friends about wearing sunglasses around my neck every day. My sunglasses have become part of my wardrobe. It’s a matter of convenience and I never want to be without sunglasses whenever there’s a need. Sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet light and reduce glare. Sunglasses need three things to be effective.

The first is a great lens. Lenses come in a bunch of different colors but the main ones are grey and amber. They both serve different purposes. Grey lenses reduce the light and Amber lenses reduce the glare. You can get mirrored lenses in several different colors, different shades of Grey and Amber, glass or polycarbonate lenses; the list goes on and on.

The second thing a good pair of sunglasses needs is a great frame. The frame must fit your face and be comfortable for you to wear all day.

The last and most important thing, they have to make you look good. Listen, nobody wants to wear a pair of sunglasses that look bad. We all want to walk the docks and be on the water and look good doing it.

All of these things come together to make a great pair of sunglasses. A great pair will allow you to see, reduce the effort it takes and look good while doing it.

There are a lot of great sunglasses out there. Our Captains and Crew wear Breakline glasses because they’ve nailed all three. Regardless of the sunglasses you choose, make sure you wear a great pair on the water to protect your eyes. This will help ensure you have an enjoyable day on the water!

#Seeclearly and we’ll see you on the water!

Capt. Bob

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