The Two Best Days

As I’m getting ready to let my favorite boat so far, the ‘Lacey Grace’, move on to her next owner; As the preparation is taking place, it’s a great time to reflect on all the boats I’ve owned in the past. We’ve all heard the saying, “The two best days in a boat owner’s life are the day they buy the boat and the day they sell it.” I have yet to experience that feeling of euphoria. Some of my best days have come on boat purchase days and I think I’ve shed tears at the sight of every boat leaving with the new owner.

Different people have different opinions on owning boats. I’ve always bought my boats as the ‘Last boat I’m going to buy’. To my wife’s dismay, they never last more than a few years. Other people I know buy a new to them boat every year.

We enjoy our days on the water with our boats, almost to a fault. I’ve seen a bunch of people who experience so much stress with their boats that they don’t enjoy being on them anymore. People buy boats with the belief that every minute is the picture of their family having a blast. Then the realization hits that the boat needs maintenance, the boat ramp can be stressful, docking in wind can be a challenge and running the boat can be work. It can take the fun out of boating. That’s why I believe the second ‘best day of owning a boat’ from the saying comes from, that release of the stress that can come with owning a boat.

That’s where Pro Captain Staffing can be of service. We have Captains with the experience to teach you how to dock your boat, launch and load onto the trailer and supplement your Coast Guard courses with training on operating your boat. We can also run your boat for the day so you can enjoy those days on the water. Pro Captain Staffing partners with some of the best boat brokers in the business, like Boats of Dallas. Boats of Dallas offers two hours of boat instruction time with our licensed and experienced Captains when you purchase a boat through them. Whether you are buying a boat, want a brush up on operation or simply want a Captain to take care of it for you – Pro Captain Staffing is your resource. Give us a call.

See you on the water,

Captain Bob Files

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