What’s Your Why?

I was asked this past weekend, “Why?” I thought that was an interesting question that begs some description. Pro Captain Staffing was started 3 years ago with a simple mission, ‘to provide a safe and enjoyable day on the water.’ That’s why we are here. I guess a better way to describe the why is to let you know how the business started.

I talked a little about the Two Best Days in a boat owner’s life a few years ago, when my 1965 Sears 150 Deluxe was heading off with its new owner (a notion I still don’t understand). Well, Pro Captain Staffing started when I was that new owner.

boat selling

I had rebuilt the ‘Lacey Grace’ and on its maiden voyage I had stopped into a marina office and half-jokingly asked if they needed an experienced Captain. Well, joke was on me as they recruited me to begin running some of the party barges they had. Running Party Boat Charters was a fun experience working to help the client’s enjoy the day on the water. One great day, I received a phone call from one of the boat brokers in town. He asked if I could help a new boat owner operate his new 110 ft. Summerset. I said sure. When I arrived at the boat’s slip, I could immediately tell the new owner was intimidated by operating such a large vessel. After a few hours the intimidation turned into delight as the new owner was able to dock, operate and understand the operation of his vessel. We know there have been lots of safe trips on that boat where all the passengers were able to enjoy the water. That’s our why.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to teach multiple owners how to operate their boats, following USCG regulations and best practices. We’ve also been there for our clients, to operate their boats so they can enjoy the water. Recently, we’ve been able to develop the next generations of Captains in our area. We continue to be blessed more and more, following our why.

Whatever your why, find it. We will see you on the water!

Captain Bob

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