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Yacht Management Done Right!

Total Boat Management offers a unique solution for boat owners seeking the advantages of a full-time captain without the associated costs. Our comprehensive services cater to the individual needs of every boat, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition and ready for departure at any time. Our offerings include cleaning sea strainers, replacing air conditioning filters, and filling water tanks with fresh, double-filtered water. We also provide monthly reports, complete with photos, to keep you informed of your boat's upkeep. With three customizable service levels to choose from, you can select the plan that's right for you and your boat.

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Total Boat Management customers will receive exclusive access to our app. This app allows our clients to see all previous report in addition to communicating with the entire team through the chat. 


Basic Level

Our Basic Level of Total Boat Management includes a monthly inspection with a report, Check All systems, Fill Water Tanks with Fresh Double Filtered water, Flush head, check all fluids, test run engines and Generator. We also monitor your boat during cold weather. Photos are provided. 

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Captain's Level

Captain's Level includes everything in the Basic Level PLUS this level includes all fuel up's and pump outs. Fuel is reimbursed monthly. If you take the boat out, we come behind and get the pump out. If your boat needs fuel, we take care of that as well. 


Admiral's Level includes everything in the Captain's Level PLUS we manage all maintenance and cleaning. We make the phone calls to the technicians to schedule all maintenance. We schedule and pay their invoices. Same with the cleaners. You show up to the boat, maintenance is scheduled, boat is clean. Once again, invoices are reimbursed monthly.



Our Wake level is customized for vessels under 25ft. Let us ensure your boat is ready to leave the dock when you are. From taking the boat to be fueled to ensuring your ready to depart, the Wake level is for you!


Reports are sent monthly along with any additional invoices. Reports will include photos of our work to provide you the peace of mind in our services. 


  • We require a year agreement. This allows us to become very familiar with your boat. 

  • Due to a few instances, we must keep a form of payment on file.

  • All Credit Card transactions will incur a 3.5% fee.

  • We only work with venders who are approved to be in the marina. This means they have been vetted and are properly insured.  

  • For Basic and Captain's Level clients we can turn over findings to the vendors. Scheduling and follow ups will be taken care of by the vessel owner. For Admiral's Level clients, this work is included.

To Book a Service please send email to

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