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What makes Pro Captain Staffing the best choice?


We ensure that all our captains are trained and certified to operate your vessel.


Punctuality is important for you and your customers. We like to call ourselves the on-time machine.


To earn a Captains License, you have to have significant time on the water. Our Captains are the most experienced Captains on the water.


Safety is part of our mission. Our goal is to ensure you have a SAFE and enjoyable day on the water. All our captains are certified in CPR and First Aid

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Professional, qualified and courteous captains
  • Large Boat Captain

    Hire us to operate your large vessel.

  • Small boat captain

    Need a captain for your personal or rental boat? We can do that too!

  • Personal Boat Training

    If you have a new boat of any size, we can show you how to drive it.


    In order to get a party boat license in Texas, you must have operational experience. We can help you get that experience!

Team PCS

The best team here to provide all your captain staffing needs.
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Capt. Bob Files

USCG Certified Captain
Captain Bob earned his captains license in 2007 while living in Pensacola, Fl. He ran a successful inshore fishing guide service until moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 2013. Always gravitating to the water, Bob found his way to the lake. Seeing an opportunity to run clients boats and to teach the finer points of running a boat he began Pro Captain Staffing along with his wife Courtney. Bob has experience running boats up to 100 ft including inboard, outboard and twin engine boats.
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Captain Ed Peters

USCG Certified Captain
Capt Ed is our most experienced captain. He holds master licenses up to 100 tons and over 1000 days on the water. Ed specializes in large boat operation.
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Capt Jason Johnson

Licensed Party Boat Captain
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Capt Jake Jones

Licensed Party Boat Captain
Captain Jake is a success story from Pro Captain Staffing. From starting as a Mate, Captain Jake earned his PBO and has become our expert on small boats. He specializes in Surf Boats and actively competes on the Ohio State Wakeboard Team
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Capt Ben Bruner

Licensed Party Boat Captain
Capt Ben has more experience in Sumersets in the NW DFW area then anyone else. If you want or need a Captain on Sumerset, Capt Ben is the Captain for you!
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Capt. Robert Erling

Licensed Party Boat Captain
Captain Robert is a true success story of Pro Captain Staffing. Having spent many years working on and running boats in the DFW area, it was the meeting of Capt. Bob that encouraged Robert to earn his license. Look for Captain Robert to continue to build upon his license!
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Amber Bell

First Mate
Amber is one of the best First Mates in the DFW area. She’s on the fast track to gaining her Captains License. Look for her Captaining boats in the near future.

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